2020, An Open Letter

 “I hope I can turn my life around in 2020. I hope I could make amends with everyone I’ve lost touch with. I hope I’d see a better version of everyone in the coming year. And I hope I wouldn’t have to write another letter.”

This was how I ended my open letter last year, by hoping that I wouldn’t have to write another letter. But here I am, doing exactly what I thought I wouldn’t do.

I know everyone, well almost everyone hated 2020. The pandemic, the lockdowns, losing their loved ones, not being able to meet and interact with people in real life, I know it was difficult for everyone. But if I have to be honest, I loved it, everything about it. I’d be a bad person to say that everything that happened this year was necessary. But I’ve been a bad person one too many times this year so I really don’t care at this point. Case in point, I loved the year 2020, despite it being the worst year for billions of others.

I finally got time to breathe this year. 2020 taught me to take a step back and reflect on myself. Well the first few months were hell, I won’t lie. But I feel like I got a hold on myself after a while and it truly is a beautiful feeling. I learned that the most important person in your life is you and if you can’t love yourself enough, maybe you’ll never know true love.

I don’t want to talk about the people in my life; who came into my life, who left, and who is still here, that is really not important to me anymore. I’m just glad that I am here.

And I’m glad that this year happened; I needed it. I won’t say I’m the happiest now because I’m not. But I’m okay with the things in my life. I know it can be better and maybe it will be. But for now I have no complaints, in fact, I’m thankful for 2020.

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